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Requirements: No required addons
Island(s): Zargabad
Playable options:

Version: 2.0

Date: 2010-07-03 10:47

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Stryker Company

This mission depicts a Stryker company assaulting the city of zargabad, it is free form, and lasts exactly 30 minutes, there are multiple objectives around the map to complete, and a whole lot of resistance.

A multiplayer version is available, and is for 70 players.

Extract the folder SP_Stryker_company.Zargabad to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder for singleplayer.
Extract the .folder MP_Stryker_company.Zargabad to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder for multipayer/coop.

- Added new callsigns
- Changed all T55's to T72's
- First aid is now only available to callsign: Million
- Changed Operator assault to medic in Million
- added enemy strongpoints/objectives
- added command element "talon"
- added enemy reinforcements
- added Czech Army and support
- removed support module
- added more messages
- Fixed Waypoints

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Tags: Stryker