Operation Northstar version 1.01 released
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Ohally has submitted an updated version of the Operation Northstar mod.
The Operation Northstar mod adds Canadian forces to Arma 2 and features the following:
      - everything needed to run ONS, scripts, models, textures all sourced from one place.
      - contains 2 versions of our current infantry one AR and one TW include cfg groups for easy mission making.
      - all C7, C8 and C9 series weapons with some AT and other little additions. includes weapons crates for all weapons.
      - contains flags and ma markers for Canada and it's armed forces.
Changes in version 1.01:
- fixed missing .rvmats
- fixed missing weapons
- added Browning High Power 9mm (Thanks to Villas!!)

Written on 2010-07-07 07:59 by Foxhound  

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