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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 7.3.2010
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This packs replaces the models of different West proxy weapons

Date: 2010-07-03 20:07

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GLT Aerial Weapons Replacement Pack

This packs replaces the models of the following West proxy weapons:
    - AIM-9M (replaces AIM-9X)
    - AGM-65
    - AGM-114
    - GBU12
    - Mk82
    - Ch-29
    - R-73
    - FAB-250
It does not change or add any functionality, it changes just the visual appereance. Addons using those standard BIS weapons will also receive the new look.
Also the AIM-9M just replaces the AIM-9X visually, classnames aswell as functions remain unchanged. This will guaranteee compatibility.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

AIM-9M, AGM-65, Mk82, Ch-29, R-73 and FAB-250 are made from scratch by myself.
GBU12 bases on the Mk82 as warhead with guidance section from UK Paveway500 made by RKSL-Rock. So credits for guidance MLOD and textures for him.
AGM-114 is very loosely based on BIS Hellfire MLOD but was almost completely rebuild by myself. Reference pictures for texture provided by NodUnit.
Also thanks to rstratton for his help with the replacement config.

- reworked AGM-114 textures, thanks to NodUnit for hires reference pictures.
- reworked AGM-65 to white version.
- changed AIM-9X to AIM-9M model. Behaviour remains unchanged.
- added R-73
- added Ch-29
- added FAB-250

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