Sabre's ACR Troops and replacement pack by Cole
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Sabre sent us his ACR Troops addon. This adds placeholder ACR Soldiers in Woodland and an Edited Desert Camouflage. Additionally, Cole has made a replacement for these units.

Quote Sabre :
Well this started out as just a quick edit of the tones of the desert camouflage to what I personally preferred, along the way I decided to add little things and eventually thought i'd try and add a quick woodland version aswell. Would have been out sooner if not for some repeated errors I have been getting while trying upload sites.

They are not perfect and are just intended as a placeholder or gap filler until someone else wants to update the CZ troops properly with new models and what not to suite there upgrade in some gear.

Written on 2010-07-05 16:20 by sabreaus  

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