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Short description: Keyboard Command list for Operation Arrowhead (Excel spreadsheet)

Date: 2010-07-06 07:02

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Keyboard Command List .XLS
Jeff Pinard

Though BIS put a few nice keyboard layouts in the manual it still comes up a bit short in terms of funtionality. It's missing about 100 commands and one of the keyboard layouts is totally unreadable when you print it out (for us blind people, yellow on tan is about invisible). So I created this for myself and figured others might find it useful too.

This will help make it much easier to find where a key command is so you don't spend an hour trying to scroll through through the in-game list to find that one command you wanted to adjust.

* Pre-formatted for the best printing in grid format.
* Shows which categories the command is under (including multiples).
* Includes secondary keymaps and mouse control.
* includes Bulldozer (spelled wrong on purpose in the guide to match BIS's control panel) :p
* Column for your joystick mappings.
* Keeping track of your own changes.

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