Kegety's ArmA tools updated

Armed Assault Kegety's Arma Tools

Kegety released an update of his Arma tools on the 30th of March.
We were told our download page wasnt up to date.

Kegety's tool feature:

  • cpbo v2.03:
    • Extracts and creates PBO files
  • unRap v1.06:
    • "Decodes" raP encoded files, such as config.bin and rvmat files
  • PAAplug v1.1:
    • Experimental PAA format plugin for Adobe Photoshop
  • UE_highlight:
    • SQS/SQF syntax highlighting for UltraEdit
Download the updated Arma Tools from our Tools download section.

Written on 2007-04-11 14:44 by Foxhound  

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