Addon-checker tool updated

sbsmac informed us he released an updated version of his new tool on the BI forums .
This tool was developed to help an admin check which addons are required to play the missions on a server or for a mission maker to see what addons his mission requires to be played.
The tool will tell you whether players need to have Operation Arrowhead, ArmA2 or Combined-Operations to play each mission and will also list any other addon-dependencies that each mission may have.

To update, start the application, shut it down, then restart.

Quote sbsmac :
* When you double-click an A2(CO) or OA(CO) mission from the main screen you will now notice a "Force CO" button in the bottom right...

If you press this button, the addon list in mission.sqm will be modified so that it includes islands from both games. This makes the mission an explicit CO-only one and should stop people joining and later discoring they are missing required addons. Note - the tool modifies your pbos/mission-folders in-place so make sure you have a backup-copy first !

* You can now also click on an addon-name or class-name from this screen to view any files referencing that item...

Written on 2010-07-12 16:21 by sbsmac  

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