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Version: 07-12-2010

Short description: Addon-checker tool for server admins

Date: 2010-07-12 16:21

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Addon-checker tool

This a new tool to help server admins figure out which missions are likely to give their users problems and to help mission makers check which addons they might need to specify.

The tool will tell you whether players need to have OA, ArmA2 or Combined-Operations to play each mission and will also list any other addon-dependencies that each mission may have.

Installation / Usage:
The addon-checker is very easy to install and use.
* Download and run the setup file.
* Start the tool from Start->All programs->Mac's tools->AddonChecker.
* Drag-and-drop one or more pbo's into the application to see what addon dependencies the pbo has.

kylania provided an installed package. He copied it directly from his machine.
Extract the contents and copy it to a location on your PC and you should be able to use this without any problems.

Project page:
Rather than try and keep the instructions here, sbsmac has created a project page as a central location. I'll continue to monitor the BI forums of course.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- .Net Framework 4.0

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