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Version: 2.0.0

Short description: This simple tool allows you to remove the Arma 2 part from your Operation Arrowhead installation.

Date: 2010-09-07 15:53

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Combined Operations Disabler

Turn your ARMA 2: Combined Operations installation into pure Operation Arrowhead.
This simple tool allows you to remove the ARMA 2 part from your Operation Arrowhead installation. This is an easy way to ensure the missions you produce are made 100% out of Arrowhead content only.
Please note that you will not be able to run ARMA 2 at all while it is patched out. You have to use the tool to enable Combined Operations first.

Simply place codisabler.exe wherever it suits you and run it.

Please note that if you have previously 'Disabled' CO with the old version (previous to 2.0.0) of the tool, be sure to 'Enable' it back with the old version before downloading and using this new version.
We did this because it disables it in a different way now, and wanted to avoid any issues with people mixing versions. If your CO is disabled (with the old version), the new version will not let you proceed until you have re-enabled it. (with the old version)

Warning: I am not responsible for any hardware and/or software damage (messed up installation) caused by this tool!

Credits & thanks:
oktane - Version 2
Ben and Zero for testing.

- [ADDED] Running process check
- [CHANGED] OA's Common no longer renamed to Addons
- [FIXED] Possible crash

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- BI Forums

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