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Sgt.Elias has submitted the first version of his modular soundmod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Quote Sgt.Elias :
    Here is the new version of my SoundMod for ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead, @eliassound2OA. I used lots of the sounds from eliassound2, but some sounds are new or reworked and I made lots of Operation Arrowhead sounds new.
    As always atmo is the most important which is the reason for the few new weapon sounds.
    The first update will follow in some days and comes with new chopper sounds, new gear and some new weapon sounds.

    New in this OA version:
    • environmental sounds:
      • - new town sound (day/nigt)
        - delete the sea sound
        - add new wind and addsounds
    • vehicle sounds (chopper comes later):
      • - chain, wind, noise, wheel and lots more
        - add new engine off sounds fore the M113, T55, T34
        - push up tire loudness fore all vehicles in config
        - add 3 new Rc sounds, us, russia, arabia style to all vehicles
    • weapons:
      • - reworked sounds for the M256, D81, gau8, DMR, SVD,G36, M240, M249
        - new sounds for the M60, SA58, Glock17, Revolver45, LeeEnfield, M14
    • and lots, lots more (check the readme)

Written on 2010-07-09 11:00 by Sgt.Elias  

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