A.C.E. Mod for Operation Arrowhead!
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Xeno released the A.C.E. Mod for Operation Arrowhead on the BI forums.
This release is intended for Operation Arrowhead Standalone and Combined Operations and is not compatible with ArmA 2 Standalone!
For an overview of changes since ACE 1.3 for ArmA 2, please see Changes in ACE for OA.
Please report bugs and problems in our tracker over at dev-heaven.
Please make a copy of your ACE and ACEX folder if you still want to play ArmA 2 only. ACE OA will overwrite the content of your ACE and ACEX folder!

The ACE mod for OA is only available through the Six Updater or with the ACE2-OA Repo. We will not host this until a stable version is released.

Written on 2010-07-10 14:21 by Foxhound  

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