Coop mission : ACE2 & DAC by Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie has submitted this mission for ArmA2.

Quote Fast Eddie :
This is a Coop mission for 21 players (for now). With high command unit, vehicle spawns, [R3F] Revive system.

I have been playing a lot of domination and I am starting get my fill on them, because they don't really support the infantry combat that I like. With the new and awesome Dynamic AI Creator I started to create something similar, but not in such grand scale. Less available vehicles, no teleports, no badly working parajumps, enemy reinforcements parachuting on you or spawning behind you. More group cohesion, realism and actual teamplay is my main goal. I am using ACE 2, because it helps a lot with the realism part. It may be too hardcore for some of you, but I like it. Also it has cool vehicles that I have put on the DAC spawning list.

Written on 2010-07-12 10:48 by Big  

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