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Requirements: No required addons
Island(s): Takistan, Zargabad
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Version: 4.0 Beta 10

Date: 2013-07-08 13:39

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Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 - OA

Gonza & L'etranger

VTS was originally created by (Grimm (Elgarion) and the Centurion team).
Thanks for this wonderful concept.

VTS is a mission sandbox.
One of players connected choose to be the Game Master when the mission start.
VTS allow the Game master to create multiplayers cooperatives missions in real time (players connected). with a lot of short cuts to make it quickly.
You don't need to know anything in scripting or mission editing, it's really easy to use, you can spawn everything on the map just in 2 clicks.
You can play in MP or SP (very good to test new islands, vehicles or to use Arma in Role play with friends).

- Compatible Arrowhead only or Arma 2 Combined operation
- Full ACE II support (but it work if ACE is not installed)
- Support Players versus Players operations
- Norrin revive script
- All side are now playable (West,East,Guer,Civ)
- mission parameters
- Moveable respawn/Startpoint for each side
- Possibility to take control of all units (just by a click on map) (like in matrix !!)
- Possibility to join any units between them (just by 2 clicks on map (Source and target))
- Game master can delete any units (just by a click on map (50 M or 500 M radius))
- Game master can start music from a list
- Game master can change Game colours (stalker ambiance)
- reassign order to any unit on map
- order units or groups to get in a vehicle (just in 2 click)
- Camera 3d for the Game Master
- Teleport any groups or vehicle
- 3D teleport (objects,players,vehicles...anythings)

Place the pbo(s) file(s) in your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

You can find more info about this mission Game master on the Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5 - ACE for ArmA 2.

Port to other maps:
New methode:
The mission .pbo shoud be compatible with all islands (renaming the .pbo with the island extension, should allow you to do so without the need to edit the mission).

Old methode:
You must take the utes or queshkibrul version of VTS to do it!
In this sample i'm porting utes version to chernarus
1-Unpack Mission
2-Change the directory name ->
3-Edit mission.sqm and change all "utes" -> "Chernarus"
4-Start the mission in the editor ARMA2 and :move the aircraft carrier, its objects and markersmove the marker "center" to? center the mapmove markers Boothill, respawn_west, preview ... on an isolated island
6-Save it and that's all

Island supported:
The mission .pbo shoud be compatible with all islands (renaming the .pbo with the island extension, should allow you to do so without the need to edit the mission).

Change log:
beta 10
- Fixed loading loadout on a shop with some item not in store would bug sometime (should now correctly item from the loadout not available in the shop).
- Brush should now be able to select plane & ship up to 5000 meters of altitude / depth .
- Delete should now be able to delete plane & ship up to 5000 meters of altitude / depth.
- Take control should now be able to take control up to 5000 meters of altitude / depth.
- Improved mouse over: When an unit in a group is a player, its name is displayed instead of the classname (better to track player groups).
- Fixed : Right Shift now also work for 3D Spawning & 3D displacement (to reduce rotation & height speed).
- Improved GM interface opening process : Opening GM UI should be faster, better and stronger.
- Revive fix : Workaround to stop people able to get up or reload even after behind injured.
- Fixed Tasks manager : Tasks updating would bug if a player changed class or GM used take control.
- AI Micro management improved : Not moving AI units will now cover & better hold territory when alerted.
- AI Micro management improved : AI units doing small distance patrols (under 150m of travel) will now cover & hold territory when alerted.
- Improved Fill cargo function : Will now create a driver of another group from the cargo group, if the vehicle is empty.
- Fixed Plane spawn : Maned Plane would not get the right velocity on spawn
- Improved Transport unload : Now paradrop AI vehicle cargo if it's an Aerial vehicle flying above 125 meters.
- Fixed : Shop content of Resistance side & Civilian sides were not sync between GM & Players
- Fixed : Spectating camera not aiming at the correct height when a unit is not on the same height as ground.
- Improved : Payers > respawn, should now also teleport inside the base , if the base is in different height than the ground (eg : on a building)
- Fixed : sometime in 3d spawning, object where jumping before beeing spawned
- New feature : Unit properties (which can also be applyed to the unit group) allow to change damage, ammo, fuel, stance etc of specific units .
- Improved : Saving loadout & loadout name, now also save profile next to avoid potential lose due to game crash.
- Fixed : Dead & Unconcious players could be able to open shop or change class in base.
- Fixed: Deads player were able to get up in certain circumstances.
- Fixed : Shops are no more accessible before the game data are loaded.
- Modified shortcut : Del, now only remove dead objects under the brush. (to avoid miss usage)
- New shortcut : Shift + Del & Ctrl + Del, now delete all objects under the brush. (more secure)
- Improved : When using Respawn and have no life left, if ACRE is used player will be swaped in spectator.
- Improved : Unit spawn selection listing is now sorted on alphabetical order
- Improved : Shops now display your class special ability

beta 09
-Added character visualization to the change class function (like the shop)
-Added a Min & Max button for easier "item unlocking/locking" on the GM shop interface.
-Added a "R2D" spawn button, to allow randomized spawn in a position inside the brush.
-Disabling "All units markers" now disable mouse over info on map (so a GM can also play its mission without being spoiled)
-Added a rename button to allow "Persistent equipment slots" to be renamed.
-Modified the way "players markers" are created on GM side to try to improve their reliability over time.
-Replace Revive "Last stand" by "Revive - No Respawn" so you can now specify amount of life available (player bleeding to death in no Respawn will still die definitely).
-Added a new button on the GM interface "Scale interface" to either scale the interface to the screen or use the game interface size.
-Implemented an UI editor to smooth up gm interface update.
-Change side function will now give a boost in rating so player doing friendly fire while in change side doesn't turn renegade.
-Changing class when in a group should now keep squad leader as leader.
-Merged Dice buttons into 1 combolist.
-Updated interface layout to regroup functions of the same family together.
-Added a fill Cargo function, that create a group inside vehicles cargo of the same side, with the current selected faction infantries (useful for fast convoy / air support creation).
-Improved "Initial spawn on base" & "Players > to Base" to be more accurate (and reduce spawn in water probability again)
-Added a command script to spawn the Arma 2 LHD if detected in the loaded data.
-Fixed Delete function not deleting spawned target type objects.
-Added A3 parachute (Beta) item to fix the "Parachute a group" function now to work on A3. (AI handling parachute seems to crash A3 a lot)
-Added a command to activate some kind of N2O for vehicles (more for fun & stunt).
-Now filtering work is available for all type of listing in the GM interface
-Shop update : the balance must now be set in the shop instead of the GM interface
-Shop update : Shops are now specific to each side (items counts & balance) and does not share the same equipment availability.
-Shop update : Added button to Fill all or unfill all items from a shop for GM.
-Shop update : You can now create custom shop with "vts_isshop" function (can be used to simulate weapons box / vehicles garage etc with specific content).
-Fixed : In the shop, was able to sell some items without them to be removed from the inventory.
-Added buttons to access all shops on the GM interface.
-Fixed: Land & Transport unload should now work with group with multiple vehicles
-Improved : Starting with no equipment will now remove head gear / vest & pockets items (maps etc...)
-Added units count per side on the GM interface
-A3 specific : Replaced resistance placeholder by A3 Beta green units.
-Fixed "player killed" log not displayed in Log on Dedicated environment.
-Hopefully fixed the random Task manager issues.
-Destroy terrain improvement : Now work on A3 buildings too, and should be better sync to JIP players.
-Fixed : Change class function was listing faction with no men available (ex : if you AiA with CO content disable, or for custom addons factions with no infantry)
-Improved Revive system : Dying on water nearer than 1KM of the shore will wash you on the ground nearby instead of respawn/immediate death.
-Improved Revive system : Dying on a spawned building should let you be revived at the spot you died, although your ragdoll crossed through (BIS bug)

Credits & Thanks:
By Gonza and L'etranger from Grimm's original work
thanks to Norrin and Sekra for Help

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- BI forums

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