SP & Coop Mission: Into Hell by Kibot

Kibot submitted a new mission playable in singleplayer or coop called Into Hell.

Quote Kibot:
On their way back from patrol, Sharp team's stryker got hit by a RPG-7 rocket from the roof of a building in middle of Bastam, destroying it and injuring several members of Sharp team. They had to bail out and retreat to a secure position. Since they are hiding in the the mosque the insurgent don't actually dare assaulting the building, but this situation can change quickly. As being the closest unit in the sector, you have been assigned to rescue sharp team and clear the city for a MEDEVAC.
It features:
    - CQB, building clearing
    - Wounding system module
    - Play this mission during the dusk or the night
    - SP and MP compatible

Written on 2010-07-14 05:08 by kibot  

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