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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.95
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is the lite version of the Isla Duala, no units included, only the island itself.

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Date: 2011-06-14 21:51

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Isla Duala lite


Duala is a fictional ~56km2 (10x10km map) big island, divided into two waring countries: Afrene on South and Molatia on North. River divides the two countries with a buffer-zone/border in between, monitored by international peacekeepers.

Never been to Duala?
El Diablo, IceBreakr and Tourist Board of Afrene are inviting you to visit a paradise on Earth - Isla Duala. Tropical forests, sandy beaches, wild savannah, clear water and... nasty neighbouring Republic of Molatia threatening to overrun friendly Republic Afrene in Southern part of Duala. Current peace can be very decieving. Marks of previous decade-long war can be seen even today and no-man zone still divides both countries with high fence running all along the border. Only few of the natives dare to travel across. With recent diamond and oil findings in Molatia their war machine is growing. European and US peacekeeping forces are currently present in Afrene in small numbers, but this might change very soon. Russia and China are in close business ties with Molatia and Afrene is mainly providing services for US and European tourists. War between Molatia and Afrene might be just around the corner...

Project took exactly two months to reach beta state (v0.99) and another 14 days to polish it out. Many many hours went into it. Consider this as a present to the greatest gaming community ever and a tribute to BIS that is supporting us and for all their dedication! Project recieved a lot of praise so further updates are here...

What's new in 1.9?
Couple of things changed since you were last here. Afrenians set up a Refugee Camp in Central Region to provide shelter for people that are being harrased by Molatians near the border. Molatia invested a lot of money and set up its own airforce: Su-24 Fencer bombers are being escorted by Mig-21MFs to conduct "exercises" near border. Afrene set up a new outpost on West island but its listening station exploded during last night. Crashsite revealed that Molatia probably used its first guided bomb. Molatia also brought substantial new armor to the border consisting of new T-72s and older T-55s. Several BMPs were spotted, too.

Afrenians in fear for their country got help from Europe and set up their own squadron of good old Swedish Saab AJ37 Viggens. They are used in several defense/attack roles. US supplied guided AGM-65 Mavericks and upgrade that enabled use of new laser guided bombs. Afrenians also managed to form their first armored division ever. Afrenian Ministry of Defense revealed the details of this deal: $15M dollars for 30 refurbished Leopard 1A5 tanks and additional $5M for ammo, crew training and reserve parts. Painted in an agressive "leopard" camo they've put some fear into neighbours tank crews. But Molatian appettites are still growing strong and new border passes were made for a possible "blitzkrieg" attack...

Duala is a fictional ~56km2 (10x10km map) big island, divided into two waring countries: Afrene on South and Molatia on North. River divides the two countries with a buffer-zone/border in between, monitored by international peacekeepers.

African vegetation can be seen everywhere: towns, savannah, desert and jungle. Duala is pretty dry land, but some areas near water feature lush forests. Savannah covers most of the land, while sand and mud is around river beds and beaches. There are no large hills, rare ones feature rock formations. Guys travelling savannah will find shelter from the sun under acacia trees. Some water rich areas feature thick undergrowth with large datepalm trees and other palms and bushes.

Military installations
Biggest strategic importance in both countries have airports. There are two major ones used for military and also civilian traffic. Three more are dirt runways (NW Molatia, NE Molatia and SE Afrene) and used mainly by small planes. There's a word that drugs and blackmarket weapons are shipped in and out of the country this way.

Border & Buffer zone
Afrene didn't build fence wall, but Molatia constructed it all along the border marking their territory they gained in 10-year war. After peace treaty Afrene and Molatia build couple of outposts along the border. There's no confirmation on mine fields, but in decade long war a lot of them were placed and later removed by international mine clearing teams. Afrene built a wall around a border town on East in order to hinder Molatian terrorist actions. Both sides also have powerful air radars covering most valleys. Afrene set up a heliport near border to stop smuggling operations. Molatia uses helicopters stationed far North in safe cover of thick jungle. There is a rumor that jungle outposts also house Russian instructors training local troops, but there is no official word on that.

Settlements and towns
Both Afrene and Molatia have capitol towns: Kinsella and Balabango. Slums can be found in both, majority of people living on Duala are very poor. Smaller towns feature markets, industrial compounds, rent houses, offices, etc. All towns and villages are marked on map. There is a refugee camp in the Central Afrene that is hosting all refugees that flee from the border towns due to threat from Molatian offensive.

Sightseeing tips
We don't want to give out info, because we want you to explore! Rent a car from airports or travel in old An-2 to see all the places and pick out favourite spots! There is a nice lake in central Molatia and almost all seaside towns rent out villas. Special adventure is going into jungle on SE part of island where old villages are located. Another recently very popular destination is island of Hazena, just off the coast from Swonto and Kwako in Northwest Molatia. Rent a helicopter or a boat to get there. Another great location is island of Vixena on SW. Many wealthy men around the world have their vilas there. But its a peaceful island and still many tourists don't know about it. Ferries are very rare, there is no airport, so only rented boats or choppers can get you there. And stay away from jungle, rumors are private contractors are guarding a sector there in property of Diego Vidal, famous warlord.
Be extra careful on roads: many of them are in terrible condition and accident can be just around the corner! Its a pretty bad thing when you smash up your vehicle and there is a big desert between you and a nearest town. Therefor military uses mostly AS350 and Mi-17 transport choppers. Hiking is only way through the jungle, but car convoys can be great in vast savannah. Be sure to keep eye on gas meter since travelling around whole island can empty it up pretty fast. But don't worry, gas stations can be found near all big towns.

Mission possibilities
Hopefully players of OFP Tonal will switch to Arma 2 to enjoy our new African themed island. It allows mission makers to perform a huge variety of scenarios on it. Hopefully someone will make use of a new Arma2 patch 1.05 mode Diplomacy to make a war between two countries and maybe even throw in a third rebel side.

Military Situation & Sides
There are two: Molatian Army and Afrenian Army. Molatian Army is equipped with mainly Russian weapons. Afrenian Army are more police-security troops than a real army and they rely on foreign troops in the combat. They provide security in urban areas and patrol border. There will be substantial upgrades in upcoming weeks, we've heard that Molatia bought a fleet of Mig-21s and Su-24s for the upcoming war and also upgraded their armor division with substantial number of T-72s and BMP-2s.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

* IceBreakr (idea, heightmap, textures, placement, research, team lead)
* El Diablo (object templates, ideas & research, tests)
* Berghoff (great African vegetation pack, included with his permission)
* IceWindo (Sahrani A1 Civilians converted to A2)
* Sahbazz (Molatian Army Infantry & cammo)
* wld427 of Project RACS (support, configs, models and tweaks: Mig-21, Su-24 Fencer & Leopard 1A5)
* LoBo/GIR Team (for his/their excellent pinzgauer 710M 4x4 model, textures)
* EddyD, footmunch for original Su-24MK Fencer OFP model
* Southy, Gnat, and RKSL-Rock - contributions to the Su-24 Fencer project and helping wld427 with the project kindly donated to me
* Vilas - original model Leopard 1A5 tank
* FDF - OFP model for wld427's work on MiG-21
* CSLA - original Mig-21MF Fighter/Bomber texture base
* DataKill - .psd files for Leopard tank
* Ryogugu (T-55 model)
* Maj Z. aka McHide (textures, configs, p3d tweaks, help)
* zGuba & Panda (p3d & config tweaking, upgrade to A2)
* Aeneas2020 (infantry wrinkles, shades, texture work)
* Randy S. & wld427 (config/model help & support, Steyr)
* NZDF_Crash (config and p3d help, Steyr Aug)
* Twinke Masta (model Steyr Aug)
* [GLT]Myke (Viggen compatibility with his GLT MissileBox addon, tweaks)
* Swedish Forces Pack & GranQ (Saab AJ37 Viggen)
* Kju, Dimitri_Harkov, Sgt. Ace (configs, help)
* Maj Z. (objects for alice/silvie module compatibility, config tweaks)
* W0lle (intro animation, testing)
* MikeBart (hemp plant object, included with his permission)
* Bad Benson (improved bump-mapping ground textures)
* CheyenneAh56 & Nemith Brothers (As-350 Squirrel chopper)
* Eggbeast (new soldier classes)
* Ryan_D, Colonel26 from Aliens A1 mod and the creator of Pulse Rifle from OFP (updated Zetaborn addon)
* SBP Team, Maj Z., Bushlurker, Sickboy, W0lle, JW Custom, Kju, MattXR, Binkowski, Dimitri_Harkov, JamesF1, Darkhorse, Nazul, Max255, SafetyCatch, AnimalMother92, Galzohar, Enad (beta testers)
* Bohemia Interactive Studio (resource, A1/A2 models, tools, simulation)
* all others who helped and I've somehow forgot to list here (lemme know!)

- removed dependency to CBA & MissileBox and added Myke's standalone ibr_missilebox for Viggen
- incorporated new African Foliage 1.24t2 by Berghoff (AI now doesn't have any advantage over human players)
- added two loading screens (intro, mission loader)
- added more border fence openings (for AI behaviour)
- fixed GPS grid accuracy
- added two small concrete parking spots for planes on scramble alert
- added new buildings to ibr_dtowns.pbo
- built a new town Numbo in central Afrene border region with several outposts and Army HQ
- added transport chopper: SA.342MT Gazelle (Molatian Airforce)
- added gunship choppers: Gazelle (CAS) 12,7mm+2xTOW and AS-350 Squirrel (CAS) 20mm+7xHydra
- fixed SU24 left engine glitch when starting mission in flying mode (tnx Wld427)
- fixed T-55 turn-out anims and made a new Molatian camo for it
- added Molatian Crewman, Molatian Commando and new Afrenian Rifleman (M16A2)
- fixed Molatian camo (more blending into Dualan desert, tnx Sahbazz)
- added more crossings over river, improved shores
- upgraded Molatian prison camp in central region
- added 4 soccer fields to biggest towns
- built a new school in Engor
- added bridges and new roadwork from mainland to NW and SW islands
- improved coastline
- improved zetaborn faction: new sounds, added spaceships & tanks
- Afrenian Viggens are stand-alone now (Tnx Myke!)
- Afrenian Viggens are compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now
- Zetaborn faction is compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now
- fixed Viggen gunpod, added new orange tracer ammo
- added armed Datsun jeeps to both sides in skins: army, black and police (only AFR side)
- fixed horizont on Squirrel chopper (tnx RKSL-Rock)
- fixed the missing Pinzgauer sound
- fixed the missing chopper voice name in radio protocol
- new V2 signatures for increased server security
- improved savannah ground texture (bump-map)
- added Molatian Army's Group: Infantry-SpecOps
- fixed soldier classes in Groups to default rifleman
- added a mod logo

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