Author: Cat Toaster
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan, Zargabad
Playable options:

Version: 1.14

Date: 2010-08-29 08:50

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AAS-Advance and Secure Missionpack - OA

Large scale tactical battles with up to 50-vs-50 human players in a dynamic environment that focus on teamplay and mission objectives

- Thermal View disabled in AAS on Vehicles that gave Blue an unfair advantage
- Medic Revive working again
- Removed M203s from Mk16 GL TWS to balance it a bit more with Reds counterpart AK74 Goshawk that has no GL
- Removed BetaCMAG 100Rnd Mags from Ammo-Crate to avoid usage with Assault-Rifles
- Added Nightvision-Sniper-Rifles (Sniper-Class)
- Changed Vehicle Respawn-Delay from 30s to 60s (Default)
- Changed Default Friendly-Tag Display-Range from 500m to 1000m
- Exchanged Binoculars with Target Designator/Rangefinder/Lasermarker-Thingy with FLIR and NV (Recon-Class)
- Fixed Custom Loadouts (Loading a Custom-Loadout without having one saved before won´t let you end up being naked anymore)
- 14 new AAS-Missions including Patch 1.54 Shapur and Artillery-Support (Drill Bill)
- Several Bugfixes
- Tons of Mission-Fixes

- Thermal View disabled in AAS on Vehicles that gave Blue an unfair advantage. (Currently Beta-Patch dependent!)
- Medic Revive working again (dead bodies do not disappear instantly anymore if the patient is using the latest Beta-Patch)
- X-Ray Spawn-Protection added, you can´t shoot into and from X-Ray-Bases anymore
- The AAS-HUD has been improved: Enlarged Minimap, Improved Contrast everywhere and fixed overlapping AAS/ArmA-HUD-Elements
- Added AAS-Network Loading-Screen so people know where to go find our more about AAS
- Moved Standard Linear-Default AAS-Template without Neutral from Chernarus to OA-Desert
- Ten new AAS-Missions (16 total+25 Templates!)
- Added M32/M79 Grenade-Launchers to Grenadier-Class to both sides (experimental)
- Added Themal View Mk16 to Blues Recon as counterpart for Reds Goshawk. Great for spotting Snipers!
- Improved Engineer-Class-Names
- Improved Weapon-Descriptions on Kits-Menu
- Improved/Rebalanced Kits
- Added already legendary "Naked Mole" Fireteam
- Several Bugfixes

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

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