Author: Devil Dogs SF
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Requirements: Tier One Operators
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options:

Version: 1.8

Date: 2010-09-13 14:07

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A warm welcome
Devil Dogs SF

Last night at 2330 Hours a US Army UH-60 Black Hawk was shot down over Taliban territory in the mountains of Central Wardak province, Afghanistan. HQ refuses to send in UAVs in fear of losing them to the Taliban, so they have decided to send in a Delta Force team codenamed Savior to find the chopper and recue the crew consisting of pilot Evan Williams and a Ranger squad. They must be rescued from the Taliban ASAP.

  • Single Player stealth CSAR
  • Randomly spawning Chopper and hostage
  • Enemies patrolling inside houses
  • Rooftop enemies
  • IED's
  • Random Patrols
  • Briefing and briefing weapon selection
  • Large AO (Nearly the entire Northwest area of Takistan)

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder for singleplayer.
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.

    - Added Co-op [5 player] version
    - Added more enemies around UN Outpost and random MG teams to various locations
    - Made the UN Outpost feel more alive; Buffed up UN defences

    - Made so mission fails only if both the Rangers and the Pilot are KIA
    - Fixed some text
    - HQ will now tell what the detonator looks like
    - Minor edits of intro

    - Added intro
    - Added some more enemies to the Northern areas
    - Added a little extra dialogue for immersion

    - Added Task Hints

    - Added new objective
    - Thermal scope is for sure working now
    - A few more enemies added at various locations

    - Used 'sideradio' instead of the messy all caps 'sidechat'

    - Fixed Thermal Thermal scope not working correctly

    - Added end trigger which I forgot for v1.0
    - Added thermal scope to marksman so he's not blind in the dark

    Credits & thanks:
    McNools: Tier One Operators
    Tophe: Random House Patrol Script

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Tier One Operators

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