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Version: 1.1

Short description: With these scripts, there are two possible ways to deploy the use of the lights on different trucks.

Date: 2010-07-20 18:36

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BD Light Truck Script
Big Dawg KS

As you may all be aware, with the recent beta patches, light sources now play a very functional role in nighttime engagements. Due to the Takistani's lack of night vision technology, I started deploying them with "light trucks", which is essentially a V3S with a searchlight mounted on it. It looked so cool that I decided to go from a one line "attachTo" command to a more complex set of scripts that lock/unlock the cargo positions that the light gunner takes up when operating the light, and that add actions to allow units to switch between a cargo position in the back of the truck and the light.

With these scripts, there are two possible ways to deploy the use of the lights on these trucks:
  • As a moble light source. While the searchlight is being operated, there is only room in the back for 6 troops (8 total including driver & passenger positions in the cab). Good for nighttime patrols.
  • To support dismounted infantry. When the light is not being operated, you can seat all 12 (14 including the cab positions) troops. Upon dismounting, you can have one man operate the searchlight to help the dismounted troops identify & engage the enemy.
And so I will share it with you. So if you want to make more interesting nighttime missions, give this a try. The download includes a demo mission containing all the scripts (which have info in the headers) as well as a few examples of how to deploy them.

See headers/mission for info about use.

- includes a configuration for both V3S and Ural varients

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