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Version: 2.0

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Date: 2007-07-19 21:43

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By these scripts I try to bring some deeper tactical aspects that hasn't been present is ArmA before: Suppression to AI.
AI units now suffer from ammos flying all around them even if there are zero casualties! player or mission editor can think new ways to take over that enemy stronghold...or to defend it.

There's example missions. copy them to your ArmAprofiles/userprofile/missions-folder and open it in mission editor
In pack there's also folder named 'Suppression_pack', You simply copy it to your:
userprofiles/missions/your mission-folder., don't take scripts out from it, they are read from that folder.

Just note that when making a MP mission you should remove the PBO and do it manually, using the PBO in MP will probably give some conflicts with people who dont have it, and if you add the scripts the old way (by executing them in the mission editor) it stays MP compatible. (I think, never tried a MP mission which used these.

- Initial release

-Two extra example missions which i had fun playing with... No briefing added or anything.
-hints for missioneditors, how to do some things differently than usually
-Take cover-script (suppression_cover.sqs) for 'panic' and broken', which should make them to stick in cover better than default take cover
-Ability to disable all suppression scripts in mission by command 'disable_suppression_scripts = true'',
-Quite many thing have been changed/tweaked:
*Resistance of suppression is determined by skill level: Novices can't take much when experts takes many close shots before affected even little. and they recover from it faster... Experts and veterans recovers very fast from it if not under constant fire.
*Hints have been changed to be more readable
*When units have been shot at and gained suppression and recovered from it, their suppression resistance grows a bit, should model something like selfconfidence.

-Most ugly bug in the whole wide world squashed/killed/exterminated
-reduced suppression levels to 3. I dropped panicking out, as it seemed to be there for nothing.
-All AI's have their individual skill level, so now experts and novices can be in same group.
-Tweaking suppression levels.
-removed west- and east-scripts, so they are not anymore compatible with v1.5

- it automatically enables the script on all infantry

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