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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Takistan
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Version: 1.3

Date: 2010-08-23 08:35

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Seize zones Takistan

There is no scenario in this mission.
It is a purpose though it enjoys the combat generated at random.
Plan tactically if you hope for victory in this mission.
Please know some principles to win.

    - US Army VS Takistani Army

1) If the number of construction of bunkers is little, the enemy's raid is also few.
2) The defense of the bunker where the construction position is far from the base is difficult.

About one
- Please make the construction of the bunker a minimum if it is Low-end PC.
- Please construct a lot of bunkers if you want the fierce battle.

About two
- The encounter with the enemy increases when the travel time to the bunker is long.
- The probability that the bunker is seized by the enemy increases.
- Do everything quickly.

New features:
- A new condition
When some buildings were seized by the enemy, you lose.
- Improvement of the UAV control in mobile HQ (using action menu)
- Fixed: Trouble of saved game (timer)
- Fixed: The artillery did not fire correctly

How to play:
- Seize all bunkers of enemy side.
- Exclude all enemies who seize the buildings.
- Exclude all enemy outposts.
* This mission recommends veteran mode.

1) When some buildings are destroyed with the bomb by the enemy.
2) When some buildings are seized at the same time by the enemy.
3) When some outposts are constructed at the same time by the enemy.

How to deactivate bombs:
1) The enemy seizes the building.
2) When the seizure is obstructed by the player, the enemy sets the bomb in the building.
3) As for the player, it can know the start of the timer of the bomb.
4) The building where the bomb was set is shown by the map.
5) Search for the bomb.
6) Approach within 1m of the bomb, and deactivate in the action menu.

About the enemy who seizes the building
- The building where the seizure was completed is shown by the exclamation mark.

How to seize:
1) You invade enemy bunker.
2) Securing the bunker is completed.
3) If the soldier who defends the bunker arrives, the bunker is under our control.
* The marker of the bunker is changed into a solid color in map.

The menu is given according to the situation.

1) Actions dialog: A lot of requests can be able to be done here, and to know the condition necessary for the request.
2) Construction of bunker: The bunker can be freely constructed at the position of vantage.
3) Request of rebuilding outpost: The outpost is rebuilt to enemy's ruins.
4) Deactivation of BOMB: The bomb that the enemy set to the building can be released.

Details in bunker:
A new bunker can't be constructed until latest bunker is under our control.

Defense of bunker
Soldiers go to defend when constructed. If the soldiers arrive it, the bunker is under our control.

Enemy attack
If the bunker is constructed in a white marker zone on the enemy side, the enemy tries its seizure.

When our bunker is seized by the enemy, the team for the recapture is dispatched.

If you seize enemy bunker, some soldiers are dispatched to the defense. If the soldiers arrive it, the bunker is under our control.

Ammunition supply in bunker
The defense of the bunker breaks when ammunition is insufficient. It is dispatched soldiers when the defense breaks,
and if it arrives, the reinforcement force supplies ammunition to the survivor.

Rebuilding Outpost:
After enemy's outpost is neutralized, player can request to rebuild the outpost.
If the player requests a lot of rebuilding, victory will be obtained.

1) neutralization of enemy outpost
2) Player goes to the ruins.
3) Select "Rebuilding this outpost" in action menu.
4) Soldiers are sent for rebuilding.
* When the regulation time is passed, the enemy rebuilds it.
* Ruins are marks of the map. (Actual ruins are not seen)

Commander map:
When the concentration force that requests it arrives, it is possible to use it.
It opens by the radio command 0-0-1. The operation is selection and click with the mouse.
It explains in detail with image file (commander_map_guide.gif).


ArmA2 Single Player revive by norrin. (Addon is not required)

Fast rope [Option]
Use addon if you hope for fast rope with the transport helicopter.
* UH-60M is replaced by MH-60S. (The rope doesn't descend in MH-60S)

Bomber for player:
Request it from an action menu in bunker under the control.

1) Enter bunker.
2) Choose "Requesting bomber" by an action menu.
3) Transmission of GPS data of target position.
* The accuracy of the GPS-Guided bomb is not high.
* This function is beta stage

Attack helicopter for player:
Request it from an action menu in bunker under the control.

1) Enter bunker.
2) Choose "Requesting attack helicopter" by an action menu.
3) Order of attack area.
4) The attack helicopter captures and attacks the enemy in the target area.
* Change of altitude and speed.
* This function is beta stage

Armored vehicle for player:
Request it from an action menu in bunker under the control.

1) Enter bunker.
2) Choose "Actions dialog" by an action menu.
3) Click a "Armored vehicle".
4) The Armored vehicle comes to near the bunker. (Wait for a while)
5) "Orders to Armored" is added to an action menu.
* This function is beta stage

IFV for player:
Request it from an action menu after the fortress is completed.

1) The fortress is completed.
2) Choose "Actions dialog" by an action menu.
3) Click a "Request IFV".
4) The IFV comes to the requested position. (Wait for a while)
5) IFV joins the player team.

The tanks and the soldiers are disposed to the fortress.
The possibility that the enemy can destroy the supplying base is extremely low.

1) Construct the tent.
2) Secure the regulated time state.
3) The fortress is completed at the position of the tent.
4) Dispatching soldiers from the fortress begins.
* The fortress doesn't function when destroyed.(Construct it from the tent again)

Artillery fire:

The construction of the artillery base starts after the fortress is completed.
Request firing from an action menu.

1) The artillery base is completed.
2) Choose "Actions dialog" by an action menu.
3) Click a "Artillery".
4) Order of target point.
* The enemy also constructs the artillery base.

Place the pbo file in your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

Optional addons:
[Option] Use the add-on following if you want the desert camouflage of RFA.

[Option] If you want for fast rope.

  • Improved: When the transport helicopter took off, behavior that began moving in the low altitude was prevented.
  • Improved: Re-order when transport helicopter cannot land.
  • Improved: Cancellation of transport helicopter's landing (Change to dropping).
  • Improved: The self-destruction timer begins when the transport helicopter doesn't return.
  • Fixed: The standby time of the bomber and the attack helicopter was corrected.
  • Improved: When the bomber cannot bomb, the order of another target can be done.

  • v1.2
  • Changed: Popup message is selectable (enable/disable) at mission start up.
  • The fight doesn't stop even if you are not there if the popup message is disabled.

  • v1.1
  • Changed: The helicopter of the air assault force was changed into CH-47F.
  • Added: Certain re-request of armored vehicle and IFV.
  • Added: Landing in destination of transport helicopter.

  • Credits & Thanks:
    - BIS/BIA for their great simulators.
    - Trench Generator / Script generator by Benoist
    - All add-on authors

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    - BIS

    - ArmA 2

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