SP & Coop mission : An Evening On The Coast by calo_mir

calo_mir released this misison in the BI forums.

Quote calo_mir :
Your main objectives are to disrupt Russian supplies by destroying two key targets. Unfortunately, due to the heavy
civilian presence in Berezino, certain protocols must be abided by - indiscriminate artillery fire is not authorized.

The first of the two targets are a pair of train engines. Intelligence suggests that the destruction of these engines
will severely affect equipment and fuel transports to outlying forces.

The second of the two targets is a large shipment of fuel used to power larger armored vehicles. Unfortunately, due to
the difficulty of maintaining security in an occupied town such as Berezino, the shipment is moved frequently and the
current location is not known.

Written on 2010-07-28 06:35 by Big  

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