Coop missions by Buzz Fledderjohn

Buzz Fledderjohn (aka [TDNL]Nimster) released two coop missions for ArmA2 in the BI forums.

Quote Buzz Fledderjohn :
Hello and welcome to my co-op missions release thread. I have been creating missions for our community for a while now and now I'm ready to release them publically.

I strive to make missions that are not only fun but also require tactics and teamwork. Most of my missons are for 14 people or less. Realism is very important to me. You won't see everybody running around with a sniper rifle and an AT launcher in my missions (well, except my first one :P). After all, when it comes to gear and weapon selection soldiers in real life don't get a lot of choice either. Limiting the amount of gear the players have forces them to improvise, use good tactics and 'make do' with what they have.

Some of my missions make use of Norrin's revive, but since the release of my mission Airmobile Assault I prefer to use the BIS First Aid Module for a more tactical experience. Revive is great for Domination-like missions, but it also makes people more careless IMO. I have noticed that if people receive only one life per mission, they play much more tactically. Also, if you don't go overboard with the amount of enemies you place, it leaves more room for communication and tactical decisions.

I don't limit myself to BLUFOR missions, I also dig OPFOR and Independant stuff. Some of them contain voice acting, but most don't. Many of my missions are inspired by real-life conflicts, though they are all fictional.

Written on 2010-07-29 05:53 by Big  

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