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fighterman informed us RKSL-Rock posted in our forums some info about OpFor reskins of the Typhoon.

Quote RKSL-Rock :
Something a bit ... different
We've had a pretty overwhelming response to the Typhoon release that quite honestly surprised me. In a good way of course. But some of the few criticisms has been the "unbalancing" of the game. Basically, "the Typhoon is so well armed its not fair". So the I've been left with a dilemma "what do you need to counter a Typhoon?"

Answer: Another Typhoon of course!

Ok, ok that's really just an excuse but when we released the Typhoon our friends wanted to fly Typhoon vs Typhoon so we made a REDFOR config version. Now I've added some proper skins...

PLEASE NOTE: The REDFOR pack came about purely as a requirement for a Typhoon vs. Typhoon MP game. I am very aware of the irony of this, especially since I've spent an hour or so today bleating about realism on the British DLC thread but It's not intended as realistic portrayal of any unit or Typhoon at all. Its just to fulfil a role in game mode.

Typhoon Update:
Work continues on the Typhoon. I've been fixing bugs and adding new features and working on the textures. But it has thrown up a few issues so I've restructured the PBOs a bit. We now have a 'silent' core Typhoon PBO. By silent I mean this file wont add anything to the editor lists without a plugin PBO. These plugins will be either released by us or you can make your own from the template we will provide. So the file structure looks like this now:
    • rksl-typhoon.pbo - Core PBO
    • rksl-typhoon-raf.pbo - UK RAF Plugin & textures
    • rksl-typhoon-de.pbo - German Lutwaffe Plugin & textures
    • rksl-typhoon-at.pbo - Austrian Airforce Plugin & textures
    • rksl-typhoon-es.pbo - Spanish Airforce Plugin & textures
    • rksl-typhoon-it.pbo - Italian Airforce Plugin & textures
    • rksl-typhoon-saudi.pbo - Saudi Arabian Airforce Plugin & textures (no need for it i just like the paint scheme)
    • rksl-typhoon-red.pbo - REDFOR Plugin & textures

For the record: On the issue of National variations.
Some nations have only bought the lower spec F2 variant and won't be upgrading their aircraft to the full FGR4 spec. Which while there isn't much difference externally (no PIRATE IRST and no towed Radar Decoys on some early airframes) there is a difference in real world capabilities. And some of the people I've spoken to from those nationalities get a bit "defensive" about the lack of A-G capability. And I've had some abuse from people about reducing these capabilities so in the interest of reducing the hatemail i've caved and everyone is getting a free upgrade to FGR4 standard whether they like it or not.

As a result of the Typhoon feedback we've had another look at project priorities. Simply put, the lack of a decent OPFOR multirole aircraft has meant that the Mig-29 is now sharing space with the Harrier. Currently no leader is apparent but don't be surprised if the a Mig appears earlier than expected.

Written on 2010-07-30 09:11 by RKSL-Rock  

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