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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 2.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a pack of UK weapons for ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead.

Date: 2012-04-06 19:52

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UKF Weapons Pack

Project: UK Forces Team

These addons will provide the following weapons for Operation Arrowhead:
  • SA80 Series:
      L85A2 with ironsights
      L85A2 with SUSAT
      L85A2 with RIS and SUSAT
      L85A2 with RIS and ACOG
      L85A2 with RIS and CWS
      L85A2 with RIS and LWTI
      L85A2 with RIS, suppressor and ACOG
      L86A2 with ironsights
      L86A2 with SUSAT
      L86A2 with MaxiKite
      L85A2 With UGL and ironsights
      L85A2 With UGL and SUSAT
      L85A2 With UGL and ACOG
      L85A2 With UGL and CWS
      L85A2 With UGL and LWTI
      L85A2 With UGL, suppressor and ACOG
      L22A2 Carbine with Susat.
      Blank firing versions of L85, L22 and L86 variants with ironsights nad SUSATs.
  • GPMG:
      L7A2 GPMG
      L7A2 GPMG with MaxiKite
      L7A2 GPMG with VIPIR-2+
      L7A2 GPMG with Blank Firing Attachment
  • LMG:
      L110A2 LMG
      L110A2 LMG with SUSAT
      L110A2 LMG with ACOG
      L110A2 LMG with CWS
      L110A2 LMG with VIPIR-2+
      Blank firing versions of the L110A2 variants with ironsights and SUSAT

The config plugins developed by Robalo allow users to further tweak the characteristics of the weapons to match their personal mod preferences: Removing the sound plugin will remove all custom sound definitions from the weapons, allowing them to inherit sounds defined for the base BAF weapon class, including those introduced by community-made sound mods. Installing the ACE plugin will allow the weapons to take full advantage of the gameplay features introduced by the ACE mod, including custom sight pictures for the animated reticles feature, and replacing norrin's LLM laser/light switching feature (Shift+F) with the equivalent system that is native to ACE (Alt+L by default).

I sincerely hope you enjoy this update, and all the new things it's added.

The addon includes a script to simulate a folding bipod and alternate hand grips on some weapons.
Pressing the H key will perform this action. This script was originally made by norrin for
the Australians at War 'AAW Infantry Weapons Pack' and is used with the expressed consent of
norrin and the AAW team

To disable this function, add the following to your mission's init.sqf:
UKF_noGripOrBipod = true;

Since Operation Arrowhead introduced native support for backup sights on weapons, the script
has been altered to simulate the Oerlikon LLM-01 attachment fitted to weapons fitted with
an ACOG scope. Pressing Shift+F will switch between the IR laser pointer and visible torch.
This script was originally made by norrin for the Australians at War 'AAW Infantry Weapons Pack'
and is used with the expressed consent of norrin and the AAW team.

To disable this function, add the following to your mission's init.sqf:
UKF_noCQBsights = true;

The baseline UKF weapon pack makes use of several features of ACE Mod, including the ability to
rest the weapon on its bipod when it is deployed, and support for ACE 2's load-carriage system
(weight, volume etc).

Installing ukf_ukweps_oa_cfg_ace.pbo gives a greater level of ACE integration, including custom
sight pictures for ACE's animated reticles feature, and replaces the AAW LLM feature with
support for ACE's native LASER/Light switching feature (Alt+L by default).

Compatibility with Operation Flashpoint Ports:
There is some degree of compatibility between the two, and for the most part they should
exchange 1 for 1 with few problems.

As we always advise, use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbos

Known issues:
GPMG isn't fully animated, but the feed cover and belt do have some animations now.
There are a number of inherent issues with the model switching aspect of the scripts.

Credits & thanks:
Chris (a/k/a Pathy) - SA80 models, textures, sounds, config & animation.
Messiah - GPMG model & textures.
DK - RVMats and other general help.
da12thMonkey - Hand animations, textures and models for various weapon attachments, cfg integration of AAW scripts, OA features and newer weapon variants
panda_pl (ACE)/ - Original ACOG model
Scubaman3D (ACE)
norrin (AAW) - Bipod and sight-switching scripts.
Lennard - LMG model and textures (based on Armed Assault sample model by BIS)
Robalo (ASR/ACE) - Config modularity and streamlining, expanded ACE support

Thanks to numerous VOLCBAT members for thorough, dedicated beta testing.

1.00 - First Release with Operation Arrowhead dependance
1.05 - Dev version update with added Common Weapon Sight (CWS) variants, higher-poly SUSAT for
Pilot LODs, minor config changes+bugfixes
1.07 - Dev version update with added MaxiKite weapon variants, enhanced GPMG model, some
updated optics textures, scripts and optics transfered to ukf_ukweps_oa.pbo, config
tweaks, removal of some outdated models, textures and config entries - L96 and LAW80
no longer supported.
1.08 - Dev version update with added thermal weapon sights (LWTI/VIPIR-2 and VIPIR-2+), added
L110A2 LMG model made by Lennard.
1.09 - Dev version update introducing Robalo's modular config structure, ACE plugin added.
2.00 - Second Release
2.01 - Hotfix for 'dependent on deleted downloadable content' error in some missions

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