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jdB sent us an update about the progress of the Invasion 1944 Project.

Quote jdB:
Thanks to our team member B@Co, the Wacht am Rhein project now has a proper logo. We've been working steadily on both the port of the D-Day project, as well as on creating the Wacht am Rhein project.

The content for the D-Day project is about finished as far as the visuals are concerned, and the main thing left to do is testing to find and eliminate bugs. We have unfortunately hit a snag during testing. After updating ArmA2 to the latest patch (1.07), the mod refused to start at all. Everything was still working perfectly fine in 1.05, so our coder assumes it is related to the changes in the latest patch, and more specifically, a change in the executable.

We haven't been able to determine the exact cause so far, and have therefore not yet fixed this minor issue. Until then, only limited testing is possible. with the D-Day project, coding is not a priority right now, although of course a lot of the D-Day code can be re-used, saving us a lot of effort. A map covering the area around Stavelot is in progress.

The content is in various stages of development, labeled "Work in Progress". As we have a policy to show only content that is basically done in newsposts, we've created a separate page for them instead, where you can view many screenshots, renders and other images, to give you an impression of what we've been working on the last few months.

To find more screenshots visit the Visit Invasion 1944 Artist Galleries.

Written on 2010-07-31 15:38 by Pac  

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