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SenChi informed us about a the development of a new island made by the Russian community in the website.

Quote Yanot :
Palekh - an urban village, it's the administrative center of Palekh region Ivanovo region.

Population - 55000 habitants (2009).

Located on the highway Ivanovo - Nizhny Novgorod, 30 km east of the town of Shuya. Through the village flows the river Paleshka.

The settlement includes a list of historical cities of Russia.

  • Palekh district is located in the center of Ivanovo Oblast

  • Economy
  • In the village there are no large industrial enterprises. Ceased to exist strochevyshivalnaya factory, flax factory, creamery, brick factory, drying factory, and others liquidated public bath. District Road network is in poor condition.

  • History
  • The name of Palekh is expected to hydronyms of nedoshedshih to us Finno-Ugric (Meria) languages IX century or earlier. Presumably, with XIII (composed Starodubsky principality) of XV century the village belonged to the princes of the princely family Paletskiy Starodub. It was the center of an paletzkiana principality. The first mention in the annals of Palekh belongs to the first half of XVII century (writters book in 1645). The data show that at the time of Palekh has been quite a large village.

  • (Note: Translated using google from Russian, sorry for that)

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