Campaign : Rainy Fall by FleePee updated

FleePee has submitted, using our Public FTP, an updated for his first campaign for ArmA 2.

Quote FleePee :
I finally had the last voices I was needing to update the campaign, thanks to JHunter ~Sparta~ !!!

I really want to thank Resistance Rat (character Jan Hitnik), JHunter ~Sparta~, Ebden ~Sparta~ (US voices, and Ebden also did english corrections) and Lou Montana for their help, taking time to record voices, and there was a lot of them!
(I did all other voices, and there was much more!!)

So here is the latest version of the campaign, with full voices and some minor changes...

I also want to thank the Armaholic Team for reporting about my campaign and hosting the file!

Written on 2010-10-14 17:19 by Big  

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