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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Chernarus
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-08-02 05:40

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Strike In The Rain

A week has passed since offensive operations started. The Russian Federation troops have moved into South Zagoria to support the ethnic Russian group, the ChDKZ, in its efforts to overthrow the oppressive Chernarussian National Goverment. Russian forces alongside ChDKZ irregulars have taken control of large swathes of South Zagoria, including its regional capital, Chernogorsk and neighbouring Balota, which is where the Russian forces are stationed. The remnants of the CDF are holding out in the town of Zelenogorsk to the north and are currently planning to move south and retake the Balota airfield to stop the flow of resupply to the Russian forces in South Zagoria. It is unknown whether any mainforce CDF units are already on the move south, but if they are, they will be definately moving through the village of Pavlovo. It is important for us to take and hold Pavlovo as to deny the CDF freedom of movement outside of Zelenogorsk before we can maneouver the ChDKZ forces into position and take Zelenogorsk for good.

  • Single player mission
  • Play as a soldier in a Russian infantry squad
  • AI led infantry squad, you play as a grunt
  • Infantry oriented combat in and around the town of Pavlovo fighting the CDF
  • Fully voiced (If not entirely authentically as I used soundclips from BF2, if any Russian voice actors want to help me, just send me a PM, thanks in advance.)
  • Custom loading screen
  • Uses BIS First Aid modules

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Credits & thanks:
    Voicing acting talent in all missions is credited to the lads of TF86. Thanks guys.
    Zipper5 for his photoshop templates
    Kronzky for his super UPS script
    BIS for making Arma 2
    All the addon makers of the addons used. Thanks lads.

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    - BI forums

    - ArmA 2

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