Coop mission : All Ghillied up by Aspire

Aspire has sent, using our Public FTP his first work in ArmA 2.

Quote Aspire :
So, this is my first upload! It's nothing very great and awesome comparing it to what i saw on here, but I think its worth a try to upload it here and show it to you out there!
This is a mixture of the 2 missions from CoD4 'All Ghillied up' and 'One shot, One kill'.
It's a Co-op map for up to 17 players, of which are 8 snipers in ghillie suits and the rest is playing as marine spec-op men.
The map should be understandable from start to end and as much as I played on it until now, I think its a nice mission to play with 5 friends or full 17 players on the map, should be balanced okay.
There is however not much triggering etc in this mission as im still learning most of the stuff of the editor.
Alright thats about it, have fun playing it and have fun playing arma2, the best game of all times

Written on 2010-08-04 07:26 by Big  

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