SP mission : Tales of Cold Spring 1989: Episode I by SaS TrooP

SaS TrooP released a singleplayer mission in the BI forums.

Quote SaS TrooP :
Some time ago I started working on episodic missions covering fights near Czechoslovak border in fictional conflict in 1989. Why Czech? Because Chernarussian towns/villages are nearly written in Czech :P

Here you have 1st of 3 episodes I am going to release. All of them are linked with each other:
    WW3 has begun in Europe.
    Warsaw Pact tanks rolling through West Germany, Austria being invaded by Hungarians, Greece retreating on whole front, Turkey digging in on Istanbul outskirts, Norwegians deploying in forests, explosions on shores on Denmark - this is landscape of March 1989.
    US 2nd "Indianhead" Division is stationing near Regensburg, when conflict spreads out. Advancing few kilometers into Czechoslovak border, division fall into the trap of feint retreat. After securing Zelonogorsk 3rd CSLA Mechanized Division strikes back and exposes flank of 1st Battalion in Zelonogorsk. Outnumbered Americans set up defensive positions around that town, when reds suddenly attack Zelena Hora, where only 2nd Platoon, 2nd Company is located.
    Due to critical situation, leader of that platoon, lieutenant John Davidson decides to defend the hill against numerous tanks and mechanized vehicles rolling from Pustoszka and Myszkino.

Written on 2010-08-06 05:36 by SaS TrooP  

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