Author: GossamerSolid
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus, Di Capraia, Fallujah, Isla Duala, Island Lingor, Jadegroove, Takistan, Torabora, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.04d

Date: 2011-08-02 07:15

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Gossamer's Warfare


Gossamer's warfare is a variant of Warfare BE. It has been in development for almost a year now (was developed under another name previously). People might just ask, why would I want to play Gossamer's Warfare when Warfare BE is out. Well, it all depends on your tastes. Warfare BE has some very good features, but Gossamer's Warfare has good features of its own. I'll leave it up to the player to chose which one they want to play.

- Three Playable Islands (Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad)
- Mando Missile Mod Implementation
- Vehicles with Customized Loadouts
- Skill Sets (Commander, Team Leader, Medic and Engineer)
- Upgrade System with 10 Upgrades
- Russia & Takistan vs NATO vs Local Insurgents
- Large amount of Tactical Assets at your disposal (10+)
- No AI Commanders or AI Team Leaders (Geared towards a PvP experience)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

There's no AI, it's specifically geared towards a more PvP experience.
    - No AI Commander
    - No AI Team Leaders

The only AI you will see:
    - In towns as defending forces
    - Bought for your squad

Autoupdate tool:
Via the warfare updater, you'll be able to download beta versions of warfare and warfare on other islands as soon as they are released, rather than waiting for the next full release of warfare.

The updater tool also has a changelog of the most current version and a news section where I will be posting up to date information with what's going on with warfare.

Please note that the updater tool requires .NET Framework 4.0 --- Download.

Download --> warfare updater.

You don't need any extra addon to play in the official islands. If you want to play in some of the other islands you do need to download that specific island.

Bug #20103: Duplicate Warfare Menu
Bug #20499: Cannot load sound 'ui\ui_over.wss'
Bug #20500: Cannot load sound 'ui\ui_ok.wss'
Bug #20519: Error in cost calculation for construction
Bug #21793: Built vehicles sometimes stuck in ground
Bug #22300: Client Menu View Distance & Terrain Grid resetting
Bug #22402: Camp Capture progress not showing while capturing a camp
Bug #22781: HUD: When player is dead, towns owned value is incorrect
Bug #22803: Camp Capture bar doesn't show while capturing camp
Bug #22941: Game would end if Opfor MHQ died
Feature #20231: Package: ArmA 2
Feature #20416: Parameter: Volumetric Clouds
Feature #20803: PM System
Feature #21756: Parameter: Friendly Fire Prevention
Feature #22150: Parameter: Dynamic Town Destruction
Feature #23035: Smoke Grenade Mortar Barrage
Feature #23041: New Playable Island: Qom Province
Support #23013: Dev Mode: Gaia's GUI Designer
Task #17696: Re-design Warfare HUD
Task #20418: Reduce scanning/engagement ranges of TOR/Rapier
Task #20777: Remove MIRV nukes from Payload Selection
Task #20793: Replace upgrade icons
Task #21738: Revise upgrade tech tree
Task #21821: Rework Death Camera
Task #23009: Starting vehicles closer to MHQ location
Task #23010: Redesign FPS HUD

Credits & thanks:
Project Lead
- GossamerSolid

- GossamerSolid
- M.O.R
- Ilumzar
- BigMorgan
- Xenomorph

- GossamerSolid [English]
- M.O.R, WillaChilla, Ilumzar [Deutsch]

Big Thanks to
- All of the Testers
- Benny for Warfare BE
- BIS for ArmA II
- community
- Mando for Mandoble Missile Mod

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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