Author: Dr_Eyeball
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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-04-25 10:15

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Sahrani map 100%
Dr Eyeball

A 17520 x 17520 pixel image of ArmA's Sahrani map at 100% jpg quality.
(103,432,632 bytes - 89mb compressed)

It's essentially a 20x20 grid of (400) screenshots at 1280x1024 screen resolution. It has grid references around the full border. It uses double digit grid references and so includes the finer grid lines too. It has fairly fine contours too.

Extremely large image file. You can use XnView for viewing it, if your normal viewer can't handle the size.

The map has 2 main purposes:
- extracting regions (either towns or larger regions)
- printing (warning: the detail will be extremely small)

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