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Date: 2010-08-11 19:40

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Conspiracies: Substance

Conspiracies Substance plays 3 month later then Conspiracies Rising Dead. You play the stalker from CRD again and continue the mission to find Mikhail Dragan.

- Eating-Module
    This module forces the player to shoot animals to eat something. Otherwise you can die. Nearly every 3h you have to eat something. (gameplay time not ingame-time)
- Body-Coolness
    This module forces the player to find warm places to increase the body-temperatur while walking hours outside. If you cannot find a warm places, like houses or campfire you are forced to die. Better equipement can increase the time you can walk outside.
- Sleeping-Module II
    The reworked Sleeping-Module forces the player to rest after hours of walking or fighting. Otherwise it is possible to get blackout or even at the end, the death. It skips 4 hours while sleeping.
- MOH-Module III
    A reworked module known from CRD. You can store weapons, cars and teammates now in your own house. Also can have multiple places up to 6.
- 60 planned weapons (new and available from ARMA2)
- 12kmĀ² big gameworld reflecting villages, military and industry complexes and forests
- MOC-Module
    A new module featuring the possibility to change clothes.
- 10 vehicles (new and available from ARMA2)
- Dialogue System II
- Beam-Module
    Makes it possible to move from one place to another within couple of seconds. Just point at the place you want via your map and you will be beamed there. (Only possible on visted places)
- Rating-Module
    Unlock additional features during the game!
- Sector-Control-Module
    Earn additional IGN's for controlling sectors in the gameworld.
- 7 Main-Mission (Main Story)
- 9 Quests

Unpack the Content so you got a folder called @CS in your main Arma 2 directory.
Create a shortcut to your ARMA2.exe and add to the init-line -mod=@CS
Start the game and choose singleplayer/campaign, choose Conspiracies Substance to play

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

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You can find the Conspiracies: Substance handbook from here

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