Author: SoldierX
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Requirements: INKO Disposable, Community Base Addons, Arma 2

Version: 012
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is the Australians at war mod, containing the weapons and infantry units.

Date: 2012-05-05 13:57

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Australians At War - Combined ops

First of all for those who arn't aware AAW is now releasing as a mod not individual addon packs. First release is the AAW infantry and weapons updated with OA functionality.
From here we will start updating the mod with vehicles and aircraft.
We have completley restructed the mod to make it more update friendly to coincide with our method of distrbution.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

AAW is built and tested to be run with vanilla and ACE accordingly.
If you run other addons we can't guarantee compatiblility.

Included .pbo files:

For classnames and functions refer to the included textfiles.

Updated AAW infantry class lists
Updated Bushmaster PMV readMe
ASLAV readMe

Known issues:
- Bushmaster IMV with the exception of the PWS have issues with AI using the gun positions
- Mag 58 and f89 barrels have issue with fuzzyness when firing
- Shadow errors with the bushmasters
- When inside the bushmaster if it moves off the unit will be left behind.
- Same name may reappear for bushmaster decals
- Weapons & vehicles dont have flir texture maps
- few issues with weighting on the sleeve wrist strips on the shirts in the pilot lod.

- Fixed f89 recoils
- Fixed S70 mag58s
- Attempted fix 50 cal issues (AAW team members and testers have been unable to replicate the issue)

Modline changes to fix ace errors with weapons
- If using ACE change to use mod folders @aaw_core;@aaw_ace
- If using vanilla change to use mod folders @aaw_core;@aaw_vanilla

- Added ASLAV varients

- Updated materials for some weapons
- Added seperate configs for certain things with ace and vanilla config mod folders.
- Fixed helicopter unload bug (fingers crossed)
- Added variable scopes on launchers and GLs (To switch off, New global var: AAW_noAdjScope) and backblast to launchers
- Flashlight option on weapons (To switch off, new global var: AAW_noFL) - f88 models updated - "Y" key laser/flashlight toggle _ "L" key toggle flash light on/off
- Added correct weapon icons for onscreen display for infantry AAW vehicles

- Fixed - Change appearance function not appearing for infantry units

v009.5 Hotix
-Fixed DPDU Terp unit

-Added Interpreter Unit
-Added POW unit
-Added Engineer unit
-Fixed infantry script issue
-Fixed blackhawk debussing issue
-Fixed Bushmaster geo lod issue
-Changed magazine from 100 to 200 rounds for Bushmaster Mag58s
-Changed rvmat for 9mm SLP

- Added flags
- Fixed infantry script issue

- Bushmaster IMV Variants
- S70 Blackhawk Variants
- CH47 Retexture
- BIS Pilot Unit Retextures
- Updated Rvmats for weapons for better material representation

-Weapon Config sound fix
-Alice packs now able to carry a weapon

-New f89 Sound
-New Mag58 Sound
-Altered Recoils for F88 and Mag58 to adjust for new recoils system.
-Updated configs for Inkos disposable (inkos disposable included)

-Added Auscam Alice Pack
-Fixed Unit calling out ammo low when changing hand grips

-Fixed goggle interpenetration issues with helmets
-Fixed F88 sound and cfgs
-Fixed GLA red dot on F88Sa2 - Aimpoint
-Fixed issue with Ammunition replenshing when changing hand grips on weapons.

Credits & Thanks:
Mod Thanks
Xtreme Defence Force for beta testing the mod. - for our new home
AEF and Platform Networks for hosting the mod

Weapons Credits
Sabre: ACOG, 1.5 optic, F88 rail reciever, barrel, NAD, Torch
F88 magazine placeholder, Mag58 placeholder, Carl gustav, M72a6 textures
Norrin: Configs, All Scripts, O2 Weapon set up, hand animations
Harry: F88 Stock, F88A1 Reciever, various materials.
SoldierX: F88, M72a6, l14a1, F89 Parts, Mag58 Flash suppresor
and F1 grenade models and normal maps. Various build parts.
Oni: F88 Sound
Uziyahu--IDF: M72A6 loading sound
Synide: F88 Shadow Lods
Weapons Thanks
Inko: For letting us use his disposable launcher config
[XDF]Azza: help with reference material
[XDF]Mad: help with reference material
[XDF]Casey: help with reference material
Arron Duke: For help with teaching hand animations
Synide: For original config on the AAW ArmA1 weapons
BIS: For use of models
Dev Heaven: Config advice
ACE2: Config advice, CQB sight concept
F2: drag crate concept
ACE2 Mod - for kindly allowing us to use their M240 and M249 weapon sounds - for our new home

Infantry Credits
Sabre: All unit and pouch Textures
Norrin: Configs, All Scripts, O2 Weapon set up, hand animations
SoldierX: All units and pouch models, Normal Maps, Menu Icons, Skin Weights
Doc Eyeball: Menu

Infantry Thanks
[XDF]Azza: Help with reference photos and downloading and testing at leat 10 + different versions of the addon!
ACE2: Code Insight

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- INKO Disposable
- Community Base Addons
- Arma 2

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