Author: vo.2
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.3 + hotfix
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This soundmod changes all default sounds.

Date: 2010-08-15 17:59

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Full OA support, new ACE sound replacement (will be extended, just HK416 sounds at this time).
Please leave feedback, especially the guys who were quite dissappointed about the last version.

It should work with OA standalone and CO, but not with ArmA2 alone.

Fixed Wings and Wheeled Vehicles modules will be updated in the future to cover more OA vehicles. I just hadn't any motivation to fiddle around with those configs.

As always it is recommended to be used with: Tango Romeos Tracked Vehicles Sound Mod, Robert Hammers Heli Sound Mod and MarkXIII's GAU8 cannon sound version compatible with my fixed wings module.

Effects volume level ingame recommended: 100%

Remove all existing vopsound files from earlier releases

Create a folder called @VopSound2.3 and inside this one another called Addons in your ArmA2/OA main directory.
Inside this new Addons folder you place the .pbo and .bisign files you would like to use from your extracted archive and the appropriate subfolders. The names are selfexplaining.

Environmental Sounds: Ambient and Nature sounds
Explosions,Snaps and Impact Sounds: Any kind of explosion, bulletsnap and impact sounds
Fixed Wings: Sounds for fixed wings aircrafts
Footsteps and Gear Sounds: less annoying footsteps and gear rattling for west troops(no more clonketyclonk)
Gun Sounds: new sounds for nearly every weapon ingame
Wheeled Vehicles: Sounds for wheeled vehicles
ACEGuns: Replacing ACE Gun Sounds//NEEDS ACE RUNNING

This .bisign files are there so players using properly signed addons can join to that server which requires them.

Rightclick on the ArmA shortcut in the desktop or where you have it and select properties.
In the target box add -mod=@VopSound2.3
To load more than one mod folder use semi-colons to separate them. (-mod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3)

For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Server admins installation guide:
If a server admin decides addon signatures should be verified, he should add the following line to the server.cfg file:

Server admin can decide which addon makers he considers trustworthy by placing their public keys in the "keys" directory. Usually (vanilla installation) there's only Bohemia Interactive's signature, called bi.bikey, in this directory.
You can find the Public Key for VopSound in this package in a folder named "Server Key".

Included files:


- Configs cleaned up
- RPT messages minimized
- added OA weapons support
- added ACE Gunsound Replacement
- revamped guns and atmospheric sounds as requested
- added new missile impact sounds
- rebalanced volume levels
- added new gravel footstep sounds
- hopefully no more required addons messages
- replaced stupid vanilla pain sounds

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- BI forums

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