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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-04-29 16:14

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Armed Assault Desert Opfor vehicles Addon #1

Desert Opfor vehicles
McNools & Soul Catcher

This 3rd person view ive edited because i didnt like the original settings and wanted a more close combat action type of view. I made this for my own personal use but thought that the bis community would like it as well! So here it is! This is my first release.

Just put the "McN_vehopf.pbo" and the "McN_veh_opforCFG.pbo" in the addons-folder and you should be good to go.

Included files:

The vehicles are under "McNools Desert Vehicles" in the editor.


  • Ural Trucks (all versions)
  • BRDM (all versions)
  • T-72
  • ZSU Shilka
  • Bmb2 (and ambulance)
  • UAZ (all versions)
  • TT650 bike

Known bugs:
None really, I haven't had time to test this very much though, so there's possibly some minor texture faults etc. Feel free to report anything.

Also, note that this camo-tone is generic, and the vehicles are not meant to specifically represent any nation.

- BIS for the models and original textures
- Me (McNools) for the desert textures
- Soul Catcher for the config

All the original work here is by BIS, it is a completely unofficial addon, neither me, BIS or Soul Catcher can be held responsible for anything happens to you, or your computer when using this. For example, if this addons spawns a demon from hell wich kills your entire town, it's not my fault, okay?

Authors notes:
If you have any opinion on this, please send me an email, or PM me at the official forums ( or at (

Constructive criticism is always welcome :) wich means, you could write something like: "oh, the US army uses this symbol here and there *insert a pic*" or "The tone should be a bit darker as you can see in this pic *insert pic*)

Please also contact me if you want to use my textures as a basis for your own etc. I've probably got no problem with this, as long as you ask first and as long as it doesn't overwrite my files.

A final note: is a kickass place.

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- BIS Forums

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