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Work in progress

* ArmA 2: OA - Post Apocalypse Units

    Icewindo showed some screenshots of the Post Apocalypse Units he is working on.
    The textures are modified BIS ArmA1 zombie textures, came out well for the gritty and worn look.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - GLT F16

    [GLT]Myke showed a new video of the F16 cockpit with additional functionality he is working on.
    The RWR has some sort of functionality so you can see from which direction a missile is approaching, roughly. Also some of the eyebrow lights are working.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - Anzac Mod

    Both Ballistic09 and NZDF CRASH posted a few new screens.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2: OA - ONS - Operation Northstar

    Young Eagle released some screenshots showing the LAV.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - The Unsung MOD

    Warrior_X released a new video on our forums with some footage from The Lowlands area that will be in the upcoming release!
    Additionally SGT_SAVAGE released a few screenshots of a WIP island CSJ is working on.
    This island is not scheduled in the upcoming release but if you ask CSJ very nicely he might finish it off.

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* ArmA 2: OA - MBG Buildings 2

    Mondkalb informed the community he started a new project, MBG Buildings 2.

    Quote Mondkalb :
    As you might have already noticed, I'm currently cooperating with IceBreakr on his latest project. I'm helping out with buildings, but since I'm going to release my work standalone:
    Here's some info on my current work: A building pack for islands set in a tropical theme.
    Currently finished:
    • 1 story flat (3 different color schemes)
    • 2 story flat (3 different color schemes)
    • 3 story flat (3 different color schemes)
    • Big wooden villa (walkable)
    • 2 Story Facillity (walkable)
    • Radio Telescope (Animated & Working)
    You can find a current list of all the buildings with pictures here.

    - BI forums

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* ArmA 2 - Project RACS

* ArmA 2 - Nogovan Light Infantry

    R0adki11 showed some pics of another possible camo.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2- Group Link 4

    SNKMAN released a new video on the BI forums showing the Dynamically Combat System.

    Quote SNKMAN :
    The "Dynamically Combat System" is based on F.S.M. which is a basic "React To Danger" F.S.M. from B.I.S.
    The modified F.S.M. ( Dynamically Combat System ) of Group Link 4 allow enemy A.I. to react way faster and much more tactically to danger events.
    Enemy A.I. will dynamically search for cover, cover others while advancing or moving to cover and suppress their targets.
    Note: In this video i use "this allowDamage False" in the init of my unit to make it invincible.
    This video only is a demonstration about how enemy A.I. will behave in combat while using the Dynamically Combat System.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - USS Nimitz

    JDog started a new topic to inform the community about the USS Nimitz he has been working on for some time already together with ryguy.
    What will be included:
      - CVN 68 (static, will not be drivable)
      - Catapult launches
      - Arrested landings w/ IFLOLS aid (on HUD)
      - Working elevators and jet blast deflectors
      - Hangar bay
      - Systems to repair, refuel and rearm aircraft

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    IceBreakr released a whole bunch of new screenshots on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - Taviana Island

    -Martin- informed the community of the Taviana Island he has been working on, originally for OFP and now for Arma 2.
    The island is still under development.

    Quote -Martin- :
    Some of you who played OFP may already know what this thread is about, for those of you that don't I would like to present to you a very old but new project that I'm working on.

    Taviana Island was originally being developed for Operation Flashpoint, but I had to make a decision and I decided to import the island to ArmA 2 instead.
    Taviana is special because it has done the "Imposable" by having a tunnel under a while 6x6 kilometre city. It also has a highway, railways tracks and other interesting things.
    Taviana is an island located in the Baltic sea, it is inhabited by a Slavic nation (I even made up my own language for them based on Polish, Russian, Czech and Serbian).

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - Red Hammer Studios

    Soul_Assassin released a new teaser for the community!

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - Frigates

    [APS]Gnat posted a couple of screenshots showing different Frigates which should be available soon.

    - BI forums

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