Author: Jemand
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Requirements: Mobile Missle Launcher "SCUD"

Version: 1.0

Short description: This lets the player and AI engage targets with the OA scud

Date: 2010-08-19 14:10

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Scud targeting script

The script lets the player and the AI fire a scud missile with the OA scud launcher at any target.
Minimum range of the scud missile is 1000 meters. There are 4 different warheads:
  • HE
  • toxic gas
  • nuke 15kt
  • nuke 80kt

If you have mando_missile installed, then his patriots will try to shoot the scuds down!

Example mission:
The archive includes a demo mission.

The AI version:
Create a scud , name it and add the following to the init:
readytofire = 1
Create a trigger next to scud.

triggername: scud_targetrange
Size: as big as you want that the range of the missile is.
Condition: this and readytofire == 1
Activation: bluefor , detected by opfor, repeatedly
[scudname,warhead,reload time of scud in seconds] exec "scud_aitarget.sqs"
[scud1,1,10] exec "scud_aitarget.sqs"

The player version:
Create a gamelogic , name it playertarget
Create a radio trigger
Init: [scudname,warhead,reload time of scud in seconds]exec "scudplayer.sqs"

Credits & Thanks:
Gigan for his scud
Odin for his gasbomb script

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Mobile Missle Launcher "SCUD"

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