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Requirements: .Net4

Version: 126

Short description: Squint is an editor and static-analyser (error-checker) for ArmA2 and Operation ArrowHead script files.

Date: 2010-11-24 22:03

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Squint Squint



Squint is an editor and static-analyser (error-checker) for ArmA2 and Operation ArrowHead script files.
This tool will automatically update to the latest version after installation and if not just run the setup.exe again.

  • It can work with .sqf, .sqm, .cpp and .ext files
  • It can perform syntax colouring of your scripts as you work
  • It can analyse your scripts for errors and warn you of them as you work
  • It can suggest fixes for common mistakes
  • It can work on files inside pbo'd missions or addons
  • It can 'expand' included files and macros to help debug preprocessor-related problems

  • To learn more about some of the new features, see these two links:
  • Shell integration
  • Other features

  • Installation:
    Just run the .exe file
    You might need to install .Net4
    The program will appear in your 'Start' menu under "Mac's Tools -> Squint"

    Squint Overview:

    Squint - getting started:

    Squint - presentation showing the new 'views':

    * Support for the following file-extenstions: *.ext;*.sqm;*.cpp;*.hpp;*.rvmat;*.bin;*.cfg;*.pbl
    * Line-numbers have been added to the code-window.
    * Search and replace have been added
    * An 'undo' feature has been implemented
    * A basic auto-indent has been implemented; you can auto-indent code as you go along or select a region and hit TAB to auto-indent.
    * Auto-complete/intellisense has been implemented. When enabled, squint will monitor your typing and offer you a choice of possible completions in a pop-up dialog box. This really saves a lot of time and effort for those long BIS_fnc_.. names! Auto-complete can also offer you completion for local variable names that are in scope and can help you avoid 'bracket-fatigue' by offering completions for common control constructs, eg "for [{},{},{}] do {};" as a completion of "for".
    * The colour scheme is more flexible than before. You can change the background colour and font used by the file-list and error-list and you get an immediate preview of your colour-changes for the code-window.
    * You can import and export colour 'themes'; I hope to host some user-made themes on the squint website over the next week - please contact me via the BIS forums if you have a colour-scheme you'd like to share.
    * BIS & ACE function names have been added to the dictionary as 'known' global variables.
    * An external helper app allows shell-integration. Just right click on a file to open it in squint !
    * Support for binarised files is now implemented. You can edit the contents of config.bin or any other binarised file, even those already inside pbo's.
    * The error-detection phase is now much faster for large multi-file projects.
    * The code-window now has much less flicker when jumping around within a file.
    * As well as the new features, a significant number of bugs have been fixed including one that could cause squint to hang while idle.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums
    - Official forums

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