Author: HeliJunkie
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.02

Short description: You can browse the game config, mission config and campaign config and do alot more

Date: 2010-08-21 19:56

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This tool helps if you are interested in configs and want to know what's inside without extracting all the pbo's and unraping all the config.bin files.

- You can browse the game config, mission config and campaign config
- It shows you the complete inheritance tree of a class (please read known issues in manual)
- It auto generates (some) class code in an edit box, so you are able to copy+paste it.
- It can create a class list which you can copy to clipboard
- More info in the Readme

As we always advice use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

You can download an English manual from here.

Change log:
- ConfigExplorer is now a module. Never was easier to add/remove this tool in your mission. Add Module if you need it. Remove module if you are finished. No SyncLinks. No need to set Variables. No need to call function. Add it and you will get an additional entry to your action menu to start the interface.
- New button clipboard. Copy all text from the edit box (auto generated code) to the clipboard.
- Dump button. List all classnames (from the curren classpath) to the edit box. Example: Fast getting a list of all vehicles or faces...

- Initial Release

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- BI forums

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