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Date: 2007-04-30 11:52

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Armed Assault Script edit Editing Tool #1

Script edit

Script Edit is the first freeware IDE for Armed Assaultâ„¢. Users of applications like Visual Studio, Eclipse, and NetBeans will feel right at home.
Newcomers will enjoy the syntax highlighting, auto-complete, easy access to the Mission Folder, and the form-based editing of the briefing and description.ext file.
This is far from reaching the limits of what you can do, however!

This IDE is designed to focus around a single mission or project but, it allows you to also open or edit other scripts/documents while keeping that focus. It keeps everything related to your editing close at hand via dockable forms.
Adding new scripts and editing current ones are a breeze compared to traditional Notepad and other advanced text editors.
In addition, being able to select type of respawn from a dropdown box or click on checkboxes to enable/disable features instead of hand editing the description.ext is a feature long needed by even veteran editors.
The ability to open and view several documents at once (even compare text differences) are also available.
Regular Expression searching and replacing, Split windows, and bookmarking give you new ways to increase your productivity.

This application also makes use of technologies which might be new to the scritping community such as Smart-Comments and Code Snippets.


  1. Dockable MDI Interface
  2. Base Views
    • HTML Start Page
    • Updatable Command List (from XML file)
    • Dynamic Task Form to keep track of scripting tasks
    • List of Global and Private Variables of all open documents in one place
    • Mission Folder and Subfolder listing
    • Mission Object Explorer (direct from SQM)
  3. File Language Support
    • SQF
    • SQS
    • Class Based (Description.ext, SQM, etc..)
  4. Editors
    • SQF Document
    • SQS Document
    • Description.ext Document
    • UML-style Design
    • Drag/Drop Sound Files
    • Mission Document
    • Property Pages (spawn type, showGPS, etc…)
    • Briefing Editor
  5. Extras
  6. Custom Color-Coding of Syntax Highlighting
  7. Custom Fonts for Text Editing
  8. Editor Specific Features
    • Current Line Highlighting
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Auto-Complete
    • Info Prompts
    • Automatic Variable Recognition
    • Automatic Outlining
    • Smart Comments
    • Bracket Highlighting
    • Line Modification Marking
    • Block Selections
    • Single Button Commenting
    • Bookmarking
    • Regex or Wildcard Search/Replace
    • Code Snippets

Net Framework 2.0 or higher

Legal disclaimer:
This product is intended for non-commercial use only. Commercial use and distribution is prohibited.

Commercial interest can direct their inquiries to

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