WIP Report - Invasion 1944
Work in progress

JdB released a new preview of a mulitplayer mission which will be featured in the mod.

Quote JdB :
The second preview of one of our multiplayer missions that will be featured in the D-Day project port. This time, the mission is "I44_TVT_Verloren_1_32".

"Verloren" is a 1-32 player Team vs Team mission created by SFG, Pac and Joffre257 (mission-design and scripting) and SFG (music).

Your objective:
November 1944, A small German squad has broken through enemy lines and destroyed a vital factory, American patrols and checkpoints have been setup around their last know position. German players must escape to nearby exfiltration points manned by friendly units by any means necessary. American players can either secure the checkpoints which act as shared respawn areas, join the search in the surrounding area supported by AI hunter teams, or try and setup an ambush at one or more of the exfiltration points.

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Written on 2010-08-22 12:26 by Pac  

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