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massi released an updated version of his US Army Rangers on our forums.

    Quote massi :
    Since I’ve updated the SEAL pack I decided to update my US Rangers pack too, in order to get them ready for supporting SEALs operations.
    The addon is a retexture of BI Delta force, that rapresents US Army Ranger operators in five set of different camouflages, giving the units the possibility to operate in all kind of environments.
    In this update, you’ll find new combat shirts textures, improved loadouts, new units and specialists, snipers\observers in “ghillie suite”, config improvements, units now have “ranger green” color gear and backpacks, signatures files updated to v2, new replacement files and ACE config updated.

    The addon now gives you 20 different operators with their own custom loadout, for each type of camouflage (5 camos), plus 4 snipers\observers wearing their “ghillie suite” for each woodland and desert camos.

    There are also 4 fatured groups for every camo type (plus the ghillie ones insede woodland and desert), in order to improve the units placement in the editor.
    Hope you’ll enjoy this new version!

Written on 2012-04-28 21:24 by massi  

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