Author: Redfish
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: This is the Switzerland Mod which contains numerous Swiss Army units, Swiss Army weapons and Swiss Army vehicles

Date: 2009-05-25 07:37

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Switzerland Mod
SWM_HDL, SWM_Darkgiver, SWM_Redfish, SWM_Isone

A complete list with included weapons, units and vehicles can be found on the switzerland-mod website.

Included Missions:
The mod also includes 10 SP Missions.. and 8 MP Coop missions... (reworked)

The whole Switzerland Mod is optimized, reworked. All .pbo`s binarized, signed. [virtually no errors in the arma.rpt (custom model`s)]


- High detail Swiss Soldiers.
- 117 soldiers and civilians in 10 different groups.

new features of the 1.3
- Crew, Füs, Gren, AAD10, AAD10 urban, Milsich, MPSD, Para`s, Ghillie Snipers and Hostile customized, reworked 3D Model`s.
- (all lod`s, shadows ect.) and Textures ( _co, _nohq, _as, _smdi) reworked, to partially re-done.
- custom Swiss Soldier Model`s are newly mapped, use now one 2048x2048 Texture for Body and Gear.
- some new Soldiers
- new Gear for many Soldiers; bags, vest`s, headgear, goggles ect.
- Face groups optimized (some new Face`s)
- some corrections in config
- some classnames changed for Para`s
- The whole Infantery folder optimized, unused Files deleted ect.
- many small improvements

new features of the 1.3
- Paralax effect on aimpoint/reflex/eotech removed to fix various issues.
- Weapons visible in hand when in vehicle
- Kern binocular placed in separate addon (SWM_Misc)
- Standard grenade replaced with Ruag PEARL grenade.(with new graphic)
- defaut 40mm grenade replaced with swiss one. (with new graphic)
- New SIG 75x SAPR
- Bug fixes and minor improvement on various weapons
- Compatible with 1.14 and upcoming 1.16

- A full range of 57 weapons that cover all the needs on modern battlefield.
- High detailed models with normal map, specular map and shadows.
- High detailed iron-sight optics with enhanced models
- Customs full screen optics (Acog, Leupold, Hensoldt, kern, ...)
- Working mildot optics (To calculate range...)
- Grenade launcher optics
- Realistic reflex (amber chevron) and aimpoint (red-dot) with paralax effect
- Transparents magazines for sg55x with animated bullets
- Fully Animated weapons (magazine, bolt, pistol slide, mg ammo...)
- Realistic custom ammo (Swiss GP90, Swiss GP11, 9mm LUGER, 338 Lapua, 50 BGM...)
- Realistic balistic
- Working 3D laser red dot
- Bright night optics
- Heavy sniper explosive ammo
- Accurate inventory pictures with descriptions
- Binocular with working artillery reticle
- Binocular moved to the new SWM_Misc.pbo
- default grenade are now swiss Ruag PEARL grenade (with new graphic)
- defaut 40mm grenade replaced with swiss one. (with new graphic)
- many small improvements

3 new custom Vehicles:
- Super Puma332 (3D Model Developer: Bushwars Mod -special thanks to the whole Team)
- Puch GE230
- Puch GE230 50cal. MG (Bonus vehicle)
Note: The Puch 230GE with 50cal. Machine gun is not used by the Swiss Army, that was my first try to mount a weapon on a Vehicle,
its just for FUN and a placeholder for the comming "Serval", a modified, armed version of the Puch,
used by the Swiss special Forces: AAD10

Included files:
- SWM_Infantery.pbo
- SWM_SwissArms.pbo
- SWM_Misc.pbo
- SWM_Sounds.pbo
- SWM_Veh.pbo
- SWM_Puch.pbo
- SWM_Puma332.pbo
- introanims
- swm_ui.pbo

Thanks and Credits:
Thanks to all helping friends and hands, BIS for the mlod-model, all the modders, scripters and designer from the BIS-community.
special thanks to for hosting our Site,
the whole Bushwars Mod Team for using the Super Puma Model.
Picvert from Swiss Mod for OFP for providing some Models that inspirate me for the actual ones,
Darkgiver for he`s great help in config and O2 things,
ADO Clan for the Camera addon.

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- BI forums
- Armaholic

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