WIP Report - Sharpe's Rifles mod
Work in progress

StubbleHopper has informed us he is still working on his Sharpe's Rifles mod and has sent some new pictures to show to the community.

Quote StubbleHopper :
Been too busy with real life to do much with this lately, but just started again after a long break and here's what I've been upto, added some Highlanders, some French infantry and some Prussians in the form of Landwehr and Line infantry. I've got a horse in game and working, but could do with better animations, both for cavalry and wagons. In the works are artillerymen for all sides, some Feench hussars, cuirassiers and light infantry, could still use some help with particle effects for musket and cannon fire, as I don't have the knowhow myself, not yet anyways. A lot of these are still not quite finished but thanks for looking.

Written on 2010-09-05 08:20 by stubblehopper  

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