WIP Report - Mod Armée Française
Work in progress

Loick has sent us a new update of the Mod Armée Française he is working on for armed assault.
In these screenshots you can see the:
  • ISAF troops
  • Daguet troops
  • Tundra troops
  • Aircraft
  • Weapons

Quote Loick :
For the few players who are always interested in ArmA Armed Assault addons and the French community here for you a few things that you should give it back to the game want to play BI Studio =D The team (FeudeDaisy, famas80 and myself) is pleased to announce the release soon of MAF mod (Mod French Army) on ArmA Armed Assault.
Here are some screenshots of our work done !

Leave your feedback and find more info in the Mod Armée Française wip topic.

Written on 2010-09-07 10:56 by W4lkn  

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