Author: Foxhound
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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-02 18:39

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This application goes back to a few months ago when others were in need of a way to browse the commands of the wiki externally.

All instructions are in the Readme, but basically once you obtain data from the Export process of the wiki ("How to" include in the readme instructions) this application will allow you to edit the data to do any clean up and then export to a common command XML format.

You can then use this file with whatever application you wish. I plan on using this specifically to maintain updates of the commands for both FSM Edit and Script Edit on a regular basis (because the pages and number of commands can change at any time)

You can use this to export the OFP commands only and create a command file to turn Script Edit from an ArmA editor to an OFP editor.

I included a current wiki.xml file in the program's directory so you can play with it before actually exporting from the wiki.

I do not have the schema available yet, but can provide upon request.

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