Coop mission : Hornet's nest by ArmAIIholic

ArmAIIholic released an updated version of his coop sandbox mission on the BI forums.

Quote ArmAIIholic :
I made an update for Hornet's nest, here is changelog for version 2.0:
    * addon free mission
    * powered by improved WICT version --- WICT v4.0 BETA -- not official release
    * improved Dedi compatibility
    * more teams and slots -- 55 slots for you to choose, 5 teams, 5 starting locations
    * increased revive time to 90 sec
    * added automatic reinforcements for SP (GM = first slot only)
    * decreased frequency of SecOp missions
    * added "backpacks" marker for HVTs
    * added more scripted parts -- added base at Krasnostav airport (after capture) and added Chernogorsk defenses
    * added battlefront marker to improve players' awareness of battlefront position
Take a note it is COOP 55 instead of COOP 36, I increased the number of available slots.

Written on 2010-10-05 20:31 by ArmAIIholic  

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