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Requirements: Arma 2, DSO Addon Pack, DSO Addon Pack +
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.63

Date: 2012-12-12 19:57

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Domination DSO BW Mod

German and British forces are now in Takistan at FOB Revolver

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


DSO BW Mod Domination Update Checker:
The DSO BW Mod Domination Update Checker v.1.0 (BETA) is a sidebar gadget tool for windows Vista and Windows 7.

By clicking at the little blue icon at the DSO BW Mod Domination picture the update checker is going to set a direct link to, so the user can see if there are any updates for the DSO BW Mod Domination available.

It´s still a BETA version because clicking at the little bit icon at the DSO BW Mod Domination picture is a little bit different. I wanted to start the link with a direct click at the DSO BW Mod Domination picture but i am not so good in working with java scripts.

When using option "always in the frontground" your browser looks like this with the Update Checker.
And with a little click at the Update Checker you are direct at

Download at

DSO ARMA.exe for DSO BW Mod Domination:
A special DSO ARMA.exe for playing DSO BW Mod Domination. The required DSO Addon Pack will be launched automatically, if you use our DSO ARMA.exe.
The DSO ARMA.exe can be downloaded from here

1: Download and unzip both files (DSO and DSO BW Mod Domination)
2: copy the folder "DSO BW Mod Domination" to your desktop
3: copy the folder "DSO" to your ARMA main game directory

1: Rightclick at "DSO BW Mod Domination" and run as administrator

DSO BW Mod Domination Sound Pack:
Here is a link for the optional DSO Sound Pack for the DSO BW Mod Domination.
The sound pack is a mix of elements from Vop Sound 2.1 and Tango Romeo´s Tracked Vehicles.
It is highly recommended to play the mission with this sound pack.

Download from here.

DSO BW Mod Domination Wallpaper Set:
DSO BW Mod Domination wallpaper set, resolution 1920x1080. Download from here.

Note 1:
    The DSO addon pack is a new one but the name "DSO7" is equal. I built some tools for the mission (starting.exe, sidebar starter) which uses the name "DSO7". If i had changed the name to DSO8, i had rebuild and changed these tools, too.

Note 2:
    Please don´t download anymore files from These downloads are no longer updated. I built a sidebar system tool, the DSO Update Checker. These tool sets a direct link to the download section of where you can find the newest versions of all DSO addons. It is higly recommended to use this tool.
    Due to the fact the mission uses a huge amount of addons it is highly recommended to launch the mission with my system tools (starting.exe and sidebar starter) and only with the DSO components i made to avoid any config or CBA mismatching problems.

Note 3:
    Due to the usage of the new addons sometimes is coming a config error message when staring the mission but the mission still works fine. We tested it the last days and i decided to release this v.2.48 because using and playing with new British Aremd Forces made by Trouble compensate this message when starting the mission. I think after playing v.2.48 everybody will confirm that.

Some info for server admins:
1. For avoiding CBA mismatch errors install only DSO 7 and DSO 8 at your server
2. If you want to play with DSO Sound Pack and DSO WarFX you don´t have to install these Packs at servers.

a. Server needs:
1. DSO Addon Pack 7.0
2. DSO Addon Pack 8.2
3. DSO BW Mod Domination or/and MX HC mission

b. client needs:
1. DSO Addon Pack 7.0
2. DSO Addon Pack 8.2

c. client can use:
1. DSO Sound Pack
2. DSO WarFX

Feel free to report me any bugs you can find

Credits & Thanks:
Credits and thanks goes to Xeno and the addon makers
Credits and Thanks goes to Myke for the Combined Operations F-16 wreck config!

  • all DSO Addon Packs updated with latest CBA version and some new Addons
  • latest version of Vilas Project 85 vehicles and config integrated
  • some new vehicles
  • some fixes

  • v2.61
  • added US ARMY Long Range Fire Support Unit
  • added US ARMY M109A6 made by Soul_Assassin
  • added US Marine Corps F2F AV-8B Harrier II Plus / AV8B Night Attack made by F2F BossHog

  • v2.60
  • using now latest updates of some of Trouble`s BAF vehicles
  • added various versions of F-14 Tomcat made by VectorX96
  • some minor changes
  • DSO 8.3 is updated to DSO 8.4 (19/06/2012)

  • - Arma 2
    - DSO Addon Pack v.7.2 - updated 14/12/2012
    - DSO Addon Pack + v.8.6 - updated 14/12/2012 -

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