WIP Report - LoBo US 1991 Military Gulf War Enclave
Work in progress

Andrei has informed us about a new upcoming release from the Lost Brothers team, a military pack based on the 1991 Gulf War.
In the screens below you can find:
    - US Army Mechanized Division
    - USMC Mechanized Division
    - US Army and USMC Humvees
    - USMC M60 MBT
    - US Army M113 APC
    - US Army M1A1 Abrams
    - US Army M2 Humvee and US Army Squad
    - US Army Officer on duty
    - T60 Thermal Signature
    - Republican Guard T55 Thermal Signature
    - Republican Guard T62 Thermal Signature

Quote Andrei :
The Lost Brothers are proud to announce that a military pack, based on the 1991 Gulf War is close of being released, so players can recreate with much more realism Op. Desert Storm scenarios, using the LoBo Iraqi Army Saddam Era, already released.
The pack is almost done and should be available to DL this week. We also are updating and tweeking the Iraqi Army pack, and we can show here the thermal imaging that has been added to the infantry and custum armored vehicles: T-55 and T-62.

Leave your feedback and find more information in the Official LoBo topic.

Written on 2010-09-13 08:36 by miles teg  

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